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Free from Money Children Happy and Enjoying Life
Free from Money
Children Happy and Enjoying Life


These children are enjoying life and happiness! They do not worry about money, problems, and bills to pay. What if you could enjoy life the way you did when you were these three innocent children? It is something you do not think about, but when was the last time you were truly happy with yourself? When was the last time you put money on the backburner, and it was not of concern to you, because it would be taken care of? If you want to reach this state of mind, be sure to follow me through my journey. I have a friend who has a successful garage door business that I had to mention. We are both financially free together.


I have a dream to inspire others to reach their full potential. It is my overarching goal to give quality service to any person that wishes to become financially free just like I do. I wish to serve others and wish to make sure others serve me as well. If I am to serve you, then you are being served by me. If you are serving others, then you may have to serve me as well. Understand that being financially free is not greedy; it is the way of life and is the only way to truly secure freedom for yourself and your family. It is your goal to make sure your family does not have to struggle for food, struggle for shelter, and live comfortably instead of living bill to bill. You have the desire to be free. You have the desire to exit. You have the desire to do something great in your life and you know it! If it is your dream and you are willing to push through little problems like making a phone call, then be sure to follow me as I progress through my journey! It is up to you to truly decide whether you want to be another simple person on this world (you are complex, because you are individually unique) or whether you want to be a gamechanger and to impact the world with your presence. For example, when Barack Obama gave the Affordable Care Act, he changed the United States, giving millions of people access to healthcare. It is through this that others will be able to achieve health care. The problem I see with this, though noble, is that when people have things handed to them instead of working for it, it has conditions them to be handed down more stuff.

In my life, my parents gave me nearly everything I wanted. This practically was conditioning me to be dependent on them. I was conditioned to go to them for money when I needed it, and for years, this was all I knew. Problems started arising when I would want items, and it would be dictated by how much y parents chose to give me and however much they saw fit. I started thinking, if my parents will not give it to me, then I cannot have it. “Mom! I need $100. “What for?” she would say. “I need it for this game!” “No,” was her response. Like that, I did not get the game. I would have toe bed, plead, and cry constantly for it.  This way of obtaining cash was lame. I was limited by WHAT THEY WANTED.  I learned to grow out of that dependency.

My next spurt was when I started my own business, which was selling chips in high school I would obtain chips from my mother and sell tem for a higher price in school. I made more money that I was able to use, but mainly saved it because I believed in interest and savings and all that. Save it now and obtain interest. It was just so small to save and obtain interest because even when I had $600 to $1,000, I would only achieve around $20 in interest. that was pitiful. Savings seemed like a slow way to win. I also learned that by being a sole proprietor, owning the goods and being responsible for them, was work and I basically owned the job. When I got in trouble by administration, guess who got all the trouble, took all the fall, and took all the asset loss? Me. I learned that method was not the way of life for me.

I then started a secondary business that emphasized working in niche websites to help local business owners rank and get traffic for money (aka customers). I turned out to be good at it with nothing but some training and thousand dollar messups. I now have cashflow coming in that is approximately 20 times larger than the interest I had to wait six months for with thousands in the bank. I found something I was good at and was going to run with it until financial freedom. I want financial freedom just like my friend in Orange County.

Why do I say all this? I say all this, because financial freedom is our goal in life, whether we admit it or not. Many of us do not want to work. I surely do not want to be forced to live in one spot for  30 years, because it is the norm. I prefer to have lots of money and then (here’s the important part), HAVE THE CHOICE TO LIVE SOMEWHERE FOR 30 YEARS IF I CHOOSE TO, NOT BECAUSE I AM FORCED TO! That is the difference between rich and poor…

Let’s move on…To further illustrate my point, Watch This Video: Financial Freedom