Financial Freedom Vs. Chains

Where a Job Gives Me – Entitled Chains

Financial freedom means more than make $4k/mo just so I can barely survive. I view freedom as having more than enough money to take care of all my needs and expectations! It is more than living off noodles and living in some crime-ridden area! We are here to live like kings and live life on our own terms, not on the slave mentality where life is hard all the time and every time! It is my goal to be away from the stress of poor ness and the joys of the wealthy. I am joyed to on this journey, and our joyed that you are here with me here! Making a few thousand every month without having to exert much effort for it. I would rather make $10,000 dollars in monthly income and have to work 2 hours total for it than make $100,000/mo with no chance to make it cashflow. I personally value my time over money, regardless of the difference. Cashflow can buy me freedom and supply my lifestyle; the good thing is that I am able to live the lie I could only dream of, because I take the initiative to push my goals to the front instead of chucking them to the back.

I do not “have all tee time in the world” I do not have “ time to wait”. Every day I was it is a day that I submit myself to a dismal fate with nothing to show for it except some misery. That does not sound like anything that I wish to emulate or follow. Some people I know, even in my family, are living this life, searching for the next line of work, hoping that this next line is the one that twill take them out of their misery. The money they receive from the job will somehow be the reason why they are able to make it out of the job cycle.  I know all too well that the only way they will get out the rat race is if thy choose to live with me, because I will be doing so well for myself.

‘To be honest, I never knew what was so safe about having a life insurance plan of using my kids. Since when was it necessary that using my kids was the way for me to get ahead. Since when was it safe to rely on your child being a doctor or a lawyer or a dentist in order for you to survive in your life? So, you work for pretty much 30 or 40 years and then you retire for 30 in your children’s house? this is life?

Why can it not  be that the parents make so much money, make so much cashflow, make so much success that they and their kids can retire if they wanted? At this point, the children and the parents would be happy safe, and truly secure. This is what we see on TV; why can we not emulate them like all the “AS SEEN ON TV” adds that we are accustomed to?