Thank you for contacting Fly Wid It Customs!  I am glad that I came to be of service to you. If you want to contact Juspra, ie. me, for questions, comments, or anything, be sure to contact me at I do my best to reply to as many emails as I possibly can, because it is something I would like to have happen for me if I were to be a novice that is entering the game of blogging. I mean,  why not? blogging is something that only a few people can pull through to the end? Why do I say that? I say that, because blogging seems to be about making money for some people, and I definitely agree to it. If you are blogging just to blog, then you truly are not giving people value. Other than what Jesus did in this world, people only truly value what costs money and what they will spend money on.  Let us have an example.

When you seek to learn something, you go to school  The common thing about learning at an institution is that it is paid-for education. Either it is subsidized by the government or it is paid out of pocket by you or someone else at a private institution. This does not sound like something that is abnormal. Why do we do this? We do this, because we buy into the belief that we are somehow going to college to get some special education that surpasses mankind. If you think about it, some people only truly go to college because the were told to or just followed the crowd. To the contrary, free advice that someone gives tends to enter one ear and leave the next. That $20 book on financial freedom “can be put off until later”, because society does not push for it. It is not emphasized that this book could be what you need to be free for life, but since it is not pushed or worth tens of thousands of dollars like college, it is not respected. I am not saying it is right; I am just saying reality like it is.

They do not want to really go, or are just going because it “seems like the next stage in life”. I  have seen many friends who went to college, received loans (“haha, they received loans as though they were a Christmas gift”) and then they were forced to still think about what they wanted to do. Some people go to college for another year, stacking on more thousands they need to pay back, just for more time to “think on it”. I personally think college can be such  scam.

Even though I would still go to college, I definitely would have a different outlook on life if I were to start over again from freshman year. Why? I went into college thinking it was the next stage in life to be successful. It is all my parents taught me, all my friends pushed for, and all my teachers and respectables pushed me towards. Were they wrong? No, the just did what they believed was right.

The only thing I did not do was critically think for myself what the purpose of college was. I thought it was just a place to get  a job afterwards, or what I had to do to become a d doctor. I never thought of college as the place to find what you were going to contribute to the world, with your major meaning you  are n expert at a topic. It did not dawn to me until my final year of college, that that is what it meant.

When I found out what the real purpose of college was, I was shocked. I could not believe what I was heading towards: a life of slavery or “indentured servitude”. I was preparing myself for the best years of my life to be ted towards work. Not on my goal list or bucket list of things to do.

Instead I turned towards my business like I am doing now instead of following some college path that was gonna starve me. Not starve in the sense of not having food on the table, because I would have plenty of that. It was starvation in the sense of my spirit slowly dying and becoming a corpse. I want to experience the joys of freedom and freedom from having money be my constraint. Most people I know in jobs have money be their constraint, forcing them to be at their job for many years  and living in the same house for 20 or 30 years while having the same job. That is not what I want to do with my life and I refuse to do it.

If you are with me on my journey, then follow me though this blog as I progress. It is nothing but dedication and business skills that will pull mem through. I am grateful for everyone out there who will follow me! be sure to vollow me, post on this article, and show your support that you are with me the entire time. We can be financially free together! I will,; it all depends on you.